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Did Jack White sneak in an F-bomb at the Grammys?

Are CBS censors slipping or was this a common case of mishearing?

Last Sunday, cameras caught Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco exclaim, "This is f---ing awesome!" after leading his team to a Super Bowl victory. One week later, Jack White might have slipped another expletive by the censors.

During a performance of "Love Interruption," White and bandmate Ruby Amanfu sang lines into the same microphone. You can judge for yourself in this video if White or Amanfu change the word "fight" to the other word. 

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, CBS executive Martin Franks denied White or Amanfu used the four-letter word. 

"We had 10 editors, and three people on site, and all are experienced, all with multiple Grammy, multiple Big Brother, multiple Tony experience, experience with doing these delays," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "They went through all of the rehearsals. They have prepared meticulously. And not a single one of them heard anything other than 'fight.'"

Last week, CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus took responsibility for CBS missing Flacco's language.

"It’s unfortunate, but in the heat of battle sometimes it happens,” he said, also to the Hollywood Reporter. “We try to avoid it, but sometimes it happens in live television."

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