"I’ve lost control of the team again," said manager Buck Showalter joking. "Pick the battles worth winning, right? It had some kind of orange look to it. It looked very cakey to me.” (Kevin Richardson/Baltimore Sun video)

Dangerously Delicious Pies owner Mary Martian Wortman was just as surprised as everyone else when Orioles center fielder Adam Jones smeared an orange pie in teammate Matt Wieters' face after Wieters' walk-off single Monday night — except, maybe, Wieters himself.

Though Jones said during the offseason his celebratory pie-in-the-face tradition had been banned for safety reasons, it only took an Opening Day win for him to bring it back. The Orioles won, 3-2, over the Minnesota Twins after withstanding two rain delays.


In past seasons, Dangerously Delicious Pies has supplied the Orioles with pies for Jones to smash in the face of standout teammates, as well as a few for players to eat the locker room. But as of Tuesday morning, Wortman, who owns the bakery's Hampden and Canton locations, still hadn't gotten the official word from the team whether the tradition had been banned. Her shop sent four pies — a mixed berry, a pecan, a Baltimore Bomb (made with Berger cookies) and an Orioles Orange Cream pie — to the Orioles as an Opening Day treat, thinking they would be eaten.

But it seemed Jones had a better idea for the orange cream pie.

If the pie he smashed in Wieters' face looked thicker than usual — some, including manager Buck Showalter, said it looked more like a cake — that's because it was. Generally the pies Dangerously Delicious supplies for smashing are mostly whipped cream.

"We didn't really think that there was going to be any smashing yesterday," Wortman said. "We were as shocked as everybody."

Jones pleaded the fifth when asked after the game about the return of the pie-smashing.

As the season gets underway, Wortman said Dangerously Delicious will continue to supply the team with the pies for home games, regardless of whether they are consumed or put in players' faces.

"If they use 'em, they use 'em," she said, "and if they eat 'em, they eat 'em."