"Bunraku," a new film with Demi Moore (pictured) and Ron Perlman
"Bunraku," a new film with Demi Moore (pictured) and Ron Perlman (Handout)

From Friday through Sunday, Otakon will take over the Baltimore Convention Center. All those anime fans are coming for the costumes, the movie premieres, the performances, and whatever else they do at the convention to celebrate Japanese culture.

They don't seem like the drinking type. And yet, after they watch whatever movie this is above - something called "Bunraku" starring Demi Moore and Ron Perlman in full "Beauty and the Beast" regalia - geeks, you'll need a drink. 

None of the Japanese bars in town seem to have drink specials for the weekend. But, we've assembled a list of bars near the convention center.

Where else can Otakon attendees get drink specials this weekend?