The Chesapeake Redevelopment in the post-Karzai era

We knew that Qayum Karzai had pulled out of the Chesapeake Redevelopment project.

At the time, developer Ernst Valery said he was looking for new operator or operators for the project's restaurant component, which will occupy the ground level of the historic property.

As Walt Kelly might have said, Valery has met the developers and they are he.

The project team, according to Valery, now comprises Mauro Daigle and Annie Baum-Stein, the husband-and-wife team behind Philadelphia's Milk & Honey Market, and Dana and Ernst Valery who teamed with Daigle to open a Milk & Honey Market in Baltimore's Mount Vernon neighborhood.

Daigle and Baum-Stein have their separate Philadelphia projects. Baum-Stein is the founder Urban Apiaries, while Daigle is a partner in Philadelphia Java Co. and the Milk and Honey Kitchen, which supplies his own and others' restaurants and markets.

And Daigle and Baum-Stein are also partners in Roost, a new rotisserie take-out shop in West Philadelphia. Valery has promised to release more information about the project soon, but Roost is interesting. Don't rule out a hybrid of Milk & Honey, Roost and Philadelphia Java Co.

A fifth principal in the project is the brother of Annie Baum-Stein, Alexander Baum-Stein, a project director for ESquared Hospitality, which develops and manages a variety of New York City-based restaurant brands.

Renovations to the ground floor of the former Chesapeake Restaurant are the first of two phases to the buildings at 1701-09 N. Charles St. A second phase will address the upper floors of the building.