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The Charmery has a Ray Rice tribute flavor

The Charmery in Hampden has another limited-edition flavor out.

The Hampden ice cream shop that gave us "Crunch Davis," a tribute flavor to Oriole slugger Chris Davis, and "The Heisenberg," a farewell flavor in honor of the end of "Breaking Bad," is at it again.

The Charmery is hoping to give Ravens running back Ray Rice a little nudge on the field with a tribute flavor named the Ray Rice Krispy Treat, which it describes as "a beautiful fresh blueberry purple base with rice krispy treat chunks in it."

The Ray Rice Krispy Treat begins its limited run on this (purple) Friday.


The Charmery is at 801 W. 36th St. in Hampden. For information call 410-814-0493 or go