United States Food Administration Poster, ca 1918
(National Archives, Records of the United States Food Administration)

1) Time magazine's Joel Ezersky called for American culinary indepedendence. "We have yet to do at our own tables what our arms, our literature and our technology did centuries ago."

Except, of course, that every iota of American innovation is as indebted to outside influences as are the culinary arts, which is to say entrely indebted and not in the least, both at the same time. Ezersky invokes Wolfgang Puck as evidence of the European influence on American cuisine -- overlooking the fact that Wolfgang Puck is an American citizen. Still, it's worth a read.


Eater has gathered up responses from chefs including Bryan Voltaggio, who agrees with Ezersky.

2) There's this longer Eater intereview with Voltaggio. His comments about sourcing are very interesting. He and Spike Gjerde (Woodberry Kitchen) may be suggesting that "local" is the weakest link in the responsible-sourcing chain.

3) Huffington Post reported that an Eataly would open in Washington, D.C. as early as next year. There are versions of the megasize Italian everything-under-one-roof emporium in Torino, Tokyo and Manhattan. Bryan Voltaggio recently announced his plans for an American-style Eataly-type project in Frederick.

4) Esquire posted this aweseome salt-baked whole fish video recipe by Tom Colicchio.


5) Bon Appetit's Foodist Andrew Knowlton offers advice about how to handle those tip jars you see everywhere, from "coffeeshops to take-out sushi joints." He comes up with a new rule to handle the situation -- see if you agree.

6) Check out the website for the National Archives' exhbition What's Cooking Uncle Sam? The Government's Effect on the American Diet.