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Birroteca owner to take over American Visionary Art Museum space

Mr. Rain's Fun House, the most recent tenant of the American Visionary Art Museum's, closed in June 2014

The owner of Birroteca will take over the restaurant space at the American Visionary Art Museum, which has been closed since the June departure of Mr. Rain's Fun House.

Robbin Haas said that he will open a restaurant named Encantada at AVAM in the first quarter of 2015.


The cuisine will be vegetable-focused, Haas said. But Encantada will not be a vegetarian or vegan restaurant.

"We are going to build the plates around vegetables. Not that there won't be any meat because there will be," Haas said. "People are starting to eat more this way."


The restaurant's name, a Spanish expression similar to the English phrases "enchanted" and "charmed," works on multiple levels, Haas said.

The word "enchantment" kept popping up in his readings about AVAM and visionary art, and before moving to Baltimore he lived for seven years in Guatemala, which has been called "the land of enchantment," Haas said.

Baltimore, of course, is Charm City.

"What more appropriate name could there be?" Haas said.

Before Mr. Rain's FunHouse opened at AVAM in 2009, the third-floor space was occupied by several distinct versions of Joy America Cafe, including Peter Zimmer's 1996 original and, later, a Mexican-themed restaurant operated by Spike Gjerde, now of Woodberry Kitchen.