Update: Beach House's 'Bloom' tracklist; listen to first single 'Myth'

UPDATE (3/8): Sub Pop just confirmed it: Beach House's fourth album, "Bloom," will be released on May 15. It was recorded late last year in Tornillo, Texas. "Bloom" was produced by Beach House and "Teen Dream" producer Chris Coady. Here's the tracklist:

1. Myth
2. Wild
3. Lazuli
4. Other People
5. The Hours
6. Troublemaker
7. New Year
8. Wishes
9. On the Sea
10. Irene


Some tour dates have been announced, too, but so far, the closest is Charlottesville, Va. on May 4, but Sub Pop says "many, many more dates" to come.


Has it really been more than two years since Beach House released its stunning third album, "Teen Dream"? Baltimore's music scene hasn't slowed down in the duo's brief absence, but "Myth" — the new song quietly released on the band's website last night at around 1 a.m. — reminds us why this dream-pop duo is so vital to it.

"Teen Dream" was the group's most confident effort by miles, and "Myth" seems to continue down this surefooted path. Alex Scally's arpeggio guitar-playing remains in reverie, providing a backbone to "Myth" while still gently floating alongside Victoria Legrand's vocals. Legrand's voice soars, especially when the song briefly shifts its tempo halfway through — Scally allows his chords to ring out just slightly, and Legrand sings, "Found yourself in a new direction / Hails far from the sun."

Sub Pop hasn't confirmed a new album title or release date, but Pitchfork says (from a now defunct Exclaim report) the next Beach House record is called "Bloom" and could drop on May 15. Fingers crossed

Stream "Myth" at the top of this post.

(P.S.: Because I can't miss an opportunity to plug a story I've written, click here to read my profile on Scally and Legrand. We hung out in Harbor East right before "Teen Dream" dropped.)