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Beach House offers peek behind the scenes in 'New Year' video

The always enigmatic Baltimore duo Beach House offers a rare look behind the curtains in its new video for "New Year," the next single from the album "Bloom."

The clip sidesteps a narrative and instead presents something that resembles a home movie. Filmed during the recording for "Bloom" in Tornillo, Texas, the clip shows Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally laying tracks, relaxing with cats and time-lapsed footage of their Southern surroundings. It's a personal video that manages to maintain the band's coveted mysterious qualities.


The band provided the following information on the YouTube page:

Here is a video we made using footage from our recording session at Sonic Ranch Studios, Tornillo, Texas. It's more of a home video thing, not a music video.......we just thought these moments and the memories they involve fit this song. SUPER SPECIAL thanks to our wonderful assistant engineer for the session Manuel Calderon (the guy with the tequila), who filmed all the time lapses and a lot of the studio footage.


In related news, Beach House is currently working on a short film titled "Forever Still," which the band hopes to release later this month.

According to the band's site: "The film follows the passing of one night, starting at sunset and ending at dawn. We hope to have it finished by mid-January."

And, finally, in case you missed it, the band released a video for the song "Wild" last month. Watch it