Anti-Donald Trump rap song by Baltimore humorist and friends goes viral

A Donald Trump protest song titled ¿CIT4DT¿ by three Baltimore residents has gone viral since hitting the Internet on Sunday, when a Soundcloud link and YouTube video were uploaded.

A Donald Trump protest song titled "CIT4DT" by three locals has gone viral since hitting the Internet on Sunday, when a Soundcloud link and YouTube video were uploaded. Watch the video, which features explicit language, above.

The three performers — under the names Dooley, Tlow and Lor Roger — made the song, which is short for "Choppa in a Trunk 4 Donald Trump," after coming up with the chorus, said Dooley, born Abdel Ibrahim. ("Choppa" is a slang term for a selective-fire rifle.)


None of the performers are musicians, said Ibrahim, a 19-year-old Internet personality known for his widely shared short comedy videos. They found their impromptu hook so catchy that they decided to make a short Twitter video of it, said the East Baltimore native. They synced it to the song "Chicken Chicken" by the Detroit rapper Rocaine.

"We dropped that video for fun. It blew up like crazy, and everyone was like, 'Make the song for real!'" Ibrahim, who now lives in Essex, said Tuesday. "I'm not no rapper though. I do comedy videos."

Trump's campaign has not responded to requests for comment from The Sun. Per policy, a spokesman for the Secret Service declined to comment on the matter.

Ibrahim's popularity online has grown in a short time. (He started posting videos about a year ago, he said.) His Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts each have more than 60,000 followers. A fan-uploaded compilation of his comedy clips has garnered nearly 350,000 views since late February.

The "CIT4DT" video has more 200,000 views on the popular video blog Other widely viewed social media accounts like The Shade Room and DJ Akademik's Instagram page have also shared the song. The Drudge Report posted a link to a blog post containing the video today, as well.

While the song is overtly threatening in nature (it warns Trump not to come to Baltimore "unless you want to die, though"), the lyrics also contain a schoolyard-insults spirit ("Boy ain't even white / you yellow! / You said you'd date your own daughter / You a sicko!").

Ibrahim said the song's threats of violence against Trump were not literal or even serious.

"We didn't mean no harm by it," Ibrahim said. "We don't got no damn chopper! My religion says don't even kill. I wouldn't kill an innocent fly."

Ibrahim, a Muslim, said he was partly inspired to do the song because of Trump's comments on wanting to monitor mosques.

The song began as a 28-second video upload on March 15, when Ibrahim and his friends performed it live in a car and filmed the footage for Twitter. It included an unprintable hashtag denouncing Trump, and has earned more than 11,000 retweets.

The quick success led Dooley to ask, "Rt if you think we should make [it] into a real song?" On Sunday, the finished version and video were online. Ibrahim said this would be his first and only rap song.

When asked whom he'd like to see as the next president, Ibrahim said Bernie Sanders was "cool."

"To be honest, I just want a good person," he said. "I don't really pay attention to it. I just be hearing all of the stuff Trump be saying."