Ask 100 Baltimoreans their favorite bar and you'll likely receive just as many answers. That's because it's a diverse, forever-evolving community, susceptible to rising trends, but firmly committed to its long-standing haunts and dives.

Music/nightlife critic Wesley Case tackled the city's scene head-on to create a list of Baltimore's 100 best bars, which we've organized into the sortable list below. You can click on a category to sort the list; click again to invert the sorting order. To get more information about an individual bar, click on its name.

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Rank Restaurant/Contact Information Neighborhood Category
1 Cat's Eye Pub Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

1730 Thames St., 410-276-9866

This Fells Point gem is something rarer: a raucous bar shared by patrons of all ages and backgrounds, unified by the love of a live band, a cold beer (selected from the more than 40 on tap) and a busy dance floor. Read more in a 2010 article.
2 Brewer's Art Mt. Vernon Pubs and Taverns

1106 N. Charles St., 410-547-6925

Consider this a reminder that Brewer's Art is still one of Baltimore's most beloved bars, and for good reason: Upstairs remains civilized and classy, while a quick walk downstairs transports you to a dark dungeon pouring delicious Belgian ales. Read our recent dining review.
3 Max's Taphouse Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

737 S. Broadway, 410-675-6297

Max's takes beer seriously. The city doesn't have a better resource than Max's 140 rotating drafts and roughly 1,200 bottled beers. But it's also an ideal place to kick back with a date or some friends. Read our 2011 review.
4 Nacho Mama's Canton Pubs and Taverns

2907 O'Donnell St., 410-675-0898

Nacho Mama's has long been a favorite of Canton residents, politicians and everyone in between, thanks to its loveably tacky decor and laidback atmosphere. It's normally cramped, but the wait is worth it, especially when a hubcap full of the house margarita finally arrives. Read more.
5 Rye Fells Point Cocktail Bars

807 S. Broadway, 443-438-3296

Rye's informed bartenders are always concocting something new, which keeps the menu, and thus the experience, fresh. It's a modest space most concerned with presenting stellar drinks, and that attitude makes it one of the best bars, period. Read our 2011 review.
6 Little Havana Federal Hill Outdoor Bars

1325 Key Highway, 410-837-9903

On a summer night, having a beer on the back deck of Little Havana could be the most pleasant outdoor experience in the city. It can get crowded, but there's a calmer, more serene alternative just out back. Read more.
7 Ottobar Charles Village Music Venues

2549 N. Howard St., 410-662-0069

The Ottobar earns this spot because of its versatility. Not only does it book some of the city's more exciting bills, but it has an upstairs bar that acts as its secret weapon, a spacious getaway from the appropriately dingy downstairs. Read more.
8 Club Charles Station North Dive Bars

1724 N. Charles St., 410-727-8815

A hipster haunt, Club Chuck feels plucked from an older era, with its unremarkable exterior, low lights and those red booths. But Club Charles' familiarity makes it wonderfully reliable, since you know what you're getting: a buzzing crowd and cheap drinks in a warm setting. Read more in a 2006 article.
9 Of Love and Regret Canton Pubs and Taverns

1028 S. Conkling St., 410-327-0760

Acclaimed Stillwater Ales gypsy brewer Brian Strumke's esoteric beers remain Of Love and Regret's main draw. Add a smart design and it's clear this newcomer should thrive for years to come. Read more in our review.
10 Walt's Inn Canton Dive Bars

3201 O'Donnell St., 410-327-1495

The best karaoke bar in the city is a complete dive, in the most endearing way possible: Bartenders remember your name, dangerously strong Jell-O shots are a dollar apiece and no one will make you feel bad for your slurred rendition of "We Didn't Start the Fire." Read more.
11 Crazy Lil's Federal Hill Dive Bars

27 E. Cross St., 410-347-9793

Crazy Lil's maintains the energy of a Fed Hill bar yet manages to remain intimate. It's the ideal place to drink on a budget: $3 Car Bombs and $1 Natural Lights on Tuesdays. Read more.
12 Mahaffey's Canton Pubs and Taverns

2706 Dillon St., 410-276-9899

Canton's version of Max's Taphouse, Mahaffey's keeps things simple, advertising "Good beer, good food, good friends" on its sign. But really, this is a place for beer lovers, as evidenced by the pub's "100 Beer Club." Read more.
13 JD's Smokehouse Canton Pubs and Taverns

3000 O'Donnell St., 410-675-4029

JD's has O'Donnell Square's best beer selection, and the food - particularly the barbecue - makes the perfect complement. Happy hour, which includes $2 domestic beers, runs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays. Read more.
14 Pickles Pub Downtown Sports Bars

520 Washington Boulevard, 410-752-1784

Maybe we're still high on Orioles Magic, but there's an undeniable charm to this bar across the street from Camden Yards. The atmosphere at Pickles stays loose, making it too easy to look up at a TV and realize the game started an hour ago. Read more.
15 Moby's Fells Point Dance Clubs

721 S. Broadway, 410-732-7940

This tiny hip-hop bar isn't for everyone because, well, things get weird on the dance floor. But if you're tired of bars blasting the same played-out Top 40 singles or can't stand another second-rate Third Eye Blind cover, Moby's offers an escape. Read more.
16 RA Sushi Harbor East Sushi Bars

1390 Lancaster St., 410-522-3200

A loud, constantly packed chain restaurant ... this high on the list? Yes, when you have the best happy hour in the city, you can get away with it. Sure, you have to talk louder here, but it's worth it when you get a 22 oz. Kirin and Sake for $7, six days a week from 3-7 p.m. Read more.
17 Golden West Cafe Hampden Music Venues

1105 W. 36th St., 410-889-8891

Not only will you find excellent bands playing on a consistent basis at this Hampden bar-meets-music venue, but you'll likely find your favorite drink at the surprisingly well-stocked bar. Read more in our 2011 dining review.
18 Slainte Irish Pub Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

1700 Thames St., 410-563-6600

What's not to love about this Irish pub? It opens every day at 7 a.m. for breakfast and $10 bottomless Bloody Marys and Mimosas, and it gets some pretty talented bands to set the casual mood. They also love soccer, so local fans will never walk alone. Read more in a 2011 article.
19 The Horse You Came In On Fells Point Music Venues

1626 Thames St., 410-327-8111

Simply known as "The Horse," this Baltimore watering hole has been around since 1775, and for good reason: Live music every night, cheap drinks and enough room to have a conversation — if you so choose. Read more in a 2011 article.
20 Owl Bar Midtown Belvedere Pubs and Taverns

1 E. Chase St., 410-347-0888

While the Belvedere's 13th Floor bar offers breathtaking views of the city, the Owl Bar remains the reason to stop by the historic downtown building. We love the pizza and affordable happy hour prices, but this is a place to savor the rich history and atmosphere. Read more.
21 Idle Hour Riverside Pubs and Taverns

201 E. Fort Ave., 410-468-0357

Don't make it to Riverside often? Here's a reason: Idle Hour's combination of mood lighting, strong-but-affordable cocktails and eccentric regulars makes it a bar that must be experienced first-hand. Sit back, order Chartreuse and enjoy the DJ.
22 Ryleigh's Oysters Federal Hill Pubs and Taverns

36 E. Cross St., 410-539-2093

Rightfully known for its food, this Federal Hill spot also offers one of the best places to meet new people in a setting that's more comfortable than obnoxious. It's a popular, multi-level bar stands out because it seems slightly more civilized than its Fed Hill peers. Read our 2011 dining review.
23 Hudson Street Stackhouse Canton Pubs and Taverns

2626 Hudson St., 410-342-0592

Hockey fans should already be familiar with this Washington Capitals bar. The rest of us shouldn't have an excuse either, given its extensive draft list and unintimidating atmosphere. Read more.
24 Ropewalk Tavern Federal Hill Pubs and Taverns

1209 S. Charles St., 410-727-1298

For those in search of a typical Fed Hill night, this deceptively massive bar offers the best experience. The key is finding the just-right space for you and your friends, which could be on the main dancefloor in the back or a cozier corner upstairs. Read more.
25 Joe Squared Station North Pubs and Taverns

133 W. North Ave., 410-545-0444

We were pleasantly surprised by Joe's second incarnation at Power Plant Live, but given the choice, we'll still pull up a seat and order a Planter's Punch at the original, bursting-with-personality location. Read our 2010 review.
26 Bond Street Social Fells Point Cocktail Bars

901 S. Bond St., 443-449-6234

Whether it's your scene or not, Baltimore needed a place like relative newcomer Bond Street Social. It's a place where young professionals dress up and mingle by the fireplace before the booze kicks in, and everyone ends up on the crowded dance floor. Read our 2011 review.
27 Pub Dog Federal Hill Pubs and Taverns

20 E. Cross St., 410-727-6077

Need a breather from Federal Hill's college-like atmosphere? Pub Dog offers plenty of seating and affordable - but more important, tasty - local brews. Order a pizza for your party, and start double-fisting the cute beers, served two for $4.50, all of the time. Read more.
28 Windup Space Station North Music Venues

12 W. North Ave., 410-244-8855

The indelible weirdness of Baltimore's burgeoning arts scene converges at this all-purpose performance venue and bar. Where else can you see a Stoop Storytelling performance, a celebration of hip-hop and a burlesque drawing class all in the same place? Read more.
29 Cardinal Tavern Canton Pubs and Taverns

901 S. Clinton St., 410-327-7850

With a low-stakes neighborhood bar, execution is everything. Luckily, the people behind Cardinal Tavern approached its renovation process with this in mind. With an impressive liquor selection, smart draft choices and well-placed TVs, Cardinal Tavern epitomizes the corner bar. Read more in our review.
30 Townhouse Harbor East Sports Bars

1350 Lancaster St., 443-268-0323

Townhouse is appropriately sleek for Harbor East, but the sharp design isn't overcompensating for shortcomings. In fact, Townhouse boasts one of the more impressive draft lists in the neighborhood. Read more in our review.
31 J. Patrick's Irish Pub Locust Point Pubs and Taverns

1371 Andre St., 410-244-8613

We miss owner Joe Patrick Byrne, who passed away in July from cancer, but his Irish pub lives on as a testament to Byrne's love of his heritage. It's the best place in the city to enjoy a tall pint and a spirited jam session of traditional Irish music. Read more.
32 Paradox Carroll/Camden Industrial Area Dance Clubs

1310 Russell St., 410-837-9110

For more than two decades, this warehouse-turned-sweat-mecca has been the best place to experience Baltimore Club, the exuberant, lightning-quick dance music that's influenced pop tastemakers for years. Read more in our review.
33 Looney's Pub Canton Sports Bars

2900 O'Donnell St., 410-675-9235

You know what you're getting with this Maryland sports bar staple: Delicious pub grub, cheap pitchers of light beer and an insane amount of TVs. Looney's works best as a spot to watch your favorite team, no matter the day. Read our 2008 review.
34 Red Maple Mt. Vernon Dance Clubs

930 N. Charles St., 410-547-0149

With Baltimore bars far outnumbering clubs, friends ask all of the time, "Where can we go to dance?" One of the more posh destinations is Red Maple, the Asian tapas restaurant that transforms into a high-energy dance party spot on any given night. Read our 2011 review.
35 Willow Fells Point Cocktail Bars

811 S. Broadway, 443-835-4086

Ryan Perlberg's newer, second bar stays in line with Rye's philosophy of putting handcrafted cocktails above all else. Still, it's hard not to be impressed by the decor, with its upstairs study and main triangular bar. Read more in our review.
36 Bad Decisions Fells Point Dive Bars

1928 Fleet St., 410-979-5161

Although it made national TV for its decadent dedication to bacon, this neighborhood bar excels thanks to owner John Reusing's imaginative cocktail list and an instantly comfortable atmosphere. Read our 2008 review.
37 The Point in Fells Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

1738 Thames St., 410-327-7264

There's shuffleboard and a pool table in the back, but the action at this corner spot remains at the front of the house, where the bartenders are usually egging customers on to have some fun. Best of all, it's a place where people tend to oblige. Read our 2010 dining review.
38 MaGerk's Federal Hill Sports Bars

1061 S. Charles St., 410-576-9230

One of Federal Hill's more underrated megabars, MaGerk's has a just-big-enough upstairs for dancing, a more breathable downstairs for mingling and an outdoor patio for those in need of a smoke break. Read more from a 2011 article.
39 Laughing Pint Highlandtown Pubs and Taverns

3531 Gough St., 410-342-6544

A perennial favorite among Highlandtown lifers, this watering hole is a second home to its loyal regulars. New patrons shouldn't feel discouraged, because the Laughing Pint is known as a place to make friends. Read more.
40 No Idea Tavern Federal Hill Pubs and Taverns

1649 S. Hanover St., 410-685-4332

Cute name aside ("Where'd you go last night?" ... "No Idea" ... snicker), No Idea has one of the best trivia nights in the city on Tuesdays. The games don't end there: Patrons play ping-pong and shuffleboard as they sip $5 20-oz. drafts from a rotating selection. Read more.
41 Kettle Hill Downtown Cocktail Bars

32 Market Place, 443-682-8007

Kettle Hill's a gorgeously rustic bar where cocktails are everything and details are never overlooked, which explains the use of local ingredients (Pikesville Rye Whiskey in the "Blind Tiger," for example) and some nice touches. Read more in our review.
42 Kisling's Canton Pubs and Taverns

2100 Fleet St., 410-327-5477

As if serving the best wings in the city wasn't enough, Kisling's offers an at-home atmosphere that consistently attracts social sports clubs, old-time regulars and everyone in between. Take a group upstairs to play flip cup and pool. Read more.
43 13.5 Percent Wine Bar Hampden Wine Bars

1117 W. 36th St., 410-889-1064

The Avenue's go-to wine bar attracts a wide range of personalities. Take it as a sign that this modern lounge continues to do things the right way, by offering more than 40 wines by the glass and 200 by the bottle. Read more.
44 Geckos Canton Tex-Mex

2318 Fleet St., 410-732-1961

It's not easy to make three floors feel intimate, but this unpretentious Tex-Mex restaurant pulls it off. While its kitchen tends to draw customers in, regulars know there isn't a more welcoming seat at a bar. It's the ideal spot for a cold Corona and game of pool (or ping pong). Read our 2010 dining review.
45 Mother's Federal Hill Sports Bars

1113 S. Charles St., 410-244-8686

The Purple Patio (Mother's answer to Pickles' outdoor area) is something every Ravens fan should experience at least once. Besides the Patio, The dance floor — a zone where public making-out seems permitted — feels permanently filled to capacity on weekends. Read more.
46 Woody's Rum Bar Fells Point Outdoor Bars

821 S. Broadway, 410-563-6800

Besides having one of the best views of the Harbor, Woody's Rum Bar offers more than 30 types of rum. No matter your knowledge of rum, the bar's stiff signature drink - Tiki's ‘Ti Punch - is a good place to start, as it has the power to end your night or really get it going. Read more.
47 Charles Village Pub Charles Village Pubs and Taverns

3107 Saint Paul St., 410-243-1611

Not to be confused with the college-friendly mega-version in Towson, the original CVP in Charles Village feels much more like Baltimore. It's a neighborhood bar that welcomes Hopkins students and neighborhood lifers the same. Read more.
48 Leinenkugel's Beer Garden Downtown Pubs and Taverns

34 Market Place, 443-208-3316

There was no guarantee a beer garden encased in a glass box in the middle of Power Plant Live would work. Yet this recent addition to the entertainment complex excels thanks to its delicious brews, sleek design and an attractive outdoor area. Read more in our review.
49 Phaze 10 Mt. Vernon Music Venues

885 N. Howard St., 410-462-2010

Opened in late June and located on a forgotten stretch of Howard Street, this jazz bar makes up for its drab surroundings with impeccable service, strong cocktails and a glowing, positive aura that seems to uplift everyone in it. Read more in our review.
50 Johnny Rad's Upper Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

2108 Eastern Ave., 443-759-6464

Not enough pizza places have a punk-rock attitude. But at least we have Johnny Rad's, the casual tavern that opened in July 2010 with a nice bottled beer list and reasonably priced thin-crust pies. What we really like is how charming and weird it is. Read our 2010 review.
51 Paul's Federal Hill Dive Bars

701 E. Fort Ave., 410-783-9542

On any given night, you'll probably find owner Paul Zang, a former Cross Street butcher, smiling behind the bar. It's a low-key hangout that usually draws an older crowd, but it's a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Read more.
52 Vino Rosina Little Italy Wine Bars

507 S. Exeter St., 410-528-8600

There are plenty of reasons to like this elegant-but-approachable wine bar, from the sleek, industrial design to the impressive wine selection and signature vodka infusions. But Vino also offers a happy hour that won't lead you to a week of Ramen-noodle dinners. Read our dining review.
53 Grand Central Midtown Belvedere Dance Clubs

1001 N. Charles St., 410-752-7133

Grand Central has expanded multiple times, making it the city's premier bar for the gay and lesbian community. Each area — which includes the Disco and the "exclusive ladies' lounge" Sappho's — offers a unique experience. Read more.
54 Waterfront Hotel Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

1710 Thames St., 410-537-5055

Step into this recently renovated bar on any given night, and be prepared to for live music. Quality varies, but after enough beers and Cherry Bombs, that seems to matter less and less. Read more in our review.
55 Mick O'Sheas Downtown Pubs and Taverns

328 N. Charles St., 410-539-7504

Seen one Irish pub in Baltimore, you've seen them all, right? Mick O'Shea's sets itself apart with its "Drink of the Week," which introduces a limited-time cocktail to the menu. The specials are thoughtful; go for happy hour and you might stay all night. Read more.
56 Gin Mill Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

2300 Boston St., 410-327-6455

Fans of this quiet bar tend to point out how homey it is, and we can't blame them, given the multiple fireplaces and dim lighting. But this is as good of a bar as any to jumpstart your night, thanks to the diabolically potent "Happy Drinks" cocktail. Read more.
57 Get Down Fells Point Dance Clubs

701 S. Bond St., 443-708-3564

A dance club is not for everyone. But those inclined to get loose to the newest thread of dubstep/house/club/acid/disco/juke/etc. should check out the brilliantly lit and swanky Get Down. Read our 2010 review.
58 Dionysus Midtown Belvedere Pubs and Taverns

8 E. Preston St., 410-244-1020

We like any bar - especially a low-key lounge like this one - that pours discounted (and many times, free) shots for every Ravens' touchdown and Orioles' run scored. Dionysus works because of its low-pressure atmosphere and laidback vibe. Read more.
59 Bay Cafe Canton Outdoor Bars

2809 Boston St., 410-522-3377

During the summer, the best place to be in Canton — besides a rooftop deck — is the outdoor patio of Bay Cafe, which feels like a sliver of Ocean City magically appeared in Baltimore. When it gets colder, the always-accommodating Bay Cafe turns into a great indoor restaurant and bar. Read more.
60 Don't Know Tavern Federal Hill Sports Bars

1453 Light St., 410-539-0321

Not to be confused with No Idea, this sports bar is another dependable haunt that offers a spacious alternative to the too-cramped scene along Cross Street. And how's this for a deal: From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays, drink as much Miller Lite as you can for $10. Read our 2011 review.
61 Metro Gallery Station North Music Venues

1700 N. Charles St., 410-244-0899

If you've ever wanted to experience the Baltimore music scene in person, Metro Gallery makes for an easy introduction. The best up-and-coming acts play here regularly, but even better is the beer list. Read our 2009 review.
62 Mount Royal Tavern Midtown Belvedere Dive Bars

1204 W. Mount Royal Ave., 410-669-6686

There may not be a more beloved dive in all of Baltimore than MRT. It's wonderfully eccentric, lovably tacky and essential to the Midtown Belvedere area. A tip: Hit the ATM first, as MRT only accepts cash, because, of course it does. Read more.
63 Midtown BBQ & Brew Mt. Vernon Pubs and Taverns

15 E. Centre St., 443-835-2472

While we miss the old name (Midtown Yacht Club), the rebranded version stays close enough to the original to remain charming. We've had some good times singing karaoke on Thursday nights. Read more in our review.
64 Eden's Lounge Midtown Belvedere Dance Clubs

15 W. Eager St., 410-244-0405

Compared to the number of pubs and bars in the city, there's a serious lack of nightclubs that play hip-hop, R&B and soul in Baltimore. At least we have Eden's Lounge, which hires the best local DJs for its weekend dance parties. Read more.
65 Mad River Federal Hill Pubs and Taverns

1110 S. Charles St., 410-727-2333

Yes, it gets so crowded that you can end up sipping your drink in the coat closet, but there's no denying Mad River's appeal. These are college kids (and recent grads) looking to grind on a dance floor and possibly keep the party going after last call. Read more.
66 Pazo Harbor East Cocktail Bars

1425 Aliceanna St., 410-534-7296

One of the swankiest nightlife options in the city, Pazo typically earns high marks for its small plates. But it's also a solid option for cocktails, especially if you hope to impress a date. Read more.
67 Jay's on Read Mt. Vernon Cocktail Bars

225 W. Read St., 410-225-0188

At some bars, ambiance is everything. Aided by a graceful piano player and little else, this upscale (but not stuffy) bar is a place to sip a martini and talk, without having to strain over a ton of noise. Read our 2006 review.
68 Nick's Fish House Port Covington Outdoor Bars

2600 Insulator Drive, 410-347-4123

Often thought of as a seafood joint or a tourist trap, Nick's has a surprisingly fun bar scene, with a staff that'll make you wonder why you don't visit more often - especially with its $8 Natty Boh buckets. Read more.
69 Red Star Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

906 S. Wolfe St., 410-675-0212

Red Star impresses the eye first, with its high ceilings, exposed bricks and dark woods. But it's the inviting atmosphere — usually abuzz with chatter — that makes it special. It's an underrated establishment that might just like it better that way. Read our 2004 dining review.
70 Frazier's on the Avenue Hampden Pubs and Taverns

919 W. 36th St., 410-662-4914

While Hampden's profile has risen considerably in recent years, it's Frazier's on the Avenue that still feels most like home in the quirky neighborhood. The vibe — bolstered by a working jukebox and worn pool tables — feels old school and quaint. Read more.
71 Luckie's Tavern Downtown Sports Bars

10 Market Place, 410-223-1105

On weekend nights, Luckie's feels like a typical Power Plant Live bar: A DJ cranks up the Top 40 while Shot Girls walk around with whatever's on special. It's an OK time, but we prefer Luckie's during the day. When it gets warmer, order a slushy. Read more.
72 Turp's Midtown Belvedere Sports Bars

1317 N. Charles St., 410-347-0349

Still the only sports bar in Midtown-Belvedere, Turp's continues to pack in diverse crowds of college students and long-time locals. There's a lot to like about Turp's but we enjoy the Saturday Late Night Happy Hour, which runs from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Read our 2009 dining review.
73 Barfly's Riverside Pubs and Taverns

620 E. Fort Ave., 443-682-7227

At first, its pizzas got all of the attention (and for good reason), but Barfly's has steadily gained traction in Riverside and Federal Hill as a low-key spot for local drafts and a game of darts. Monday is the best day to go, as all drinks cost $3. Read our 2011 review.
74 Adam's Eve Gastropub Canton Pubs and Taverns

3328 Foster Ave., 410-327-6984

While Chef Mark Littleton is a draw for many, it's Adam's Eve's stocked bar - more than 40 types of beers in bottles and cans, dozens of wines and liquor - that will keep you long after dessert. There's even a "specials" list for alcohol, which offers a constantly changing list of discounted beers and drinks. Read more in our review.
75 Duda's Tavern Fells Point Dive Bars

1600 Thames St., 410-276-9719

One of the more easily overlooked bars in Fells Point, Duda's is a tiny space with a bar, a dining room and little else. But that's the appeal: The closed quarters makes Duda's feels instantly intimate, just the place you'd want a Boh. A must-stop spot on any Fells Point bar crawl. Read more.
76 Nevin's Federal Hill Dive Bars

31-33 E. Cross St., 410-468-4078

After bar-hopping to all of the Federal Hill hotspots, there's only one stop before home, and that's Nevin's, the dive karaoke joint. It may not have a catalog as extensive as Walt's, but Nevin's makes up for it with character and grit. Read more.
77 One-Eyed Mike's Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

708 S. Bond St., 410-327-0445

Pirates and Grand Marnier: It's a combination that doesn't guarantee success, yet this Fells Point bar makes it work. Whether you come in for seafood or to join the Grand Marnier club, chances are the wait staff will remember you from that day on. Read our 2011 dining review.
78 Rams Head Live Downtown Music Venues

20 Market Place, 410-244-1131

Not only does Rams Head Live book the A-list talent we most often want to see, but also it strategically placed the bars in accessible spots for those in the crowd. The sound varies depending on where you're standing, but there are plenty of good sightlines. Read more.
79 Wine Market Riverside Wine Bars

921 E. Fort Ave., 410-244-6166

The latest this bistro and wine bar stays open is 11 p.m. (Fridays and Saturdays), so don't think of it as a nightlife option. Instead, the Wine Market makes a great happy hour location or a place to learn something new about reds and whites. Read more.
80 Red House Tavern Canton Pubs and Taverns

2239 Essex St., 410-522-0015

Reopened in March 2011 after some major renovations and soul-searching, the Red House has shown staying power, despite its seemingly insular location. The food and beer is standard, but Red House endears itself with a commitment to entertaining. Read our 2011 review.
81 Holy Frijoes Hampden Tex-Mex

908 W. 36th St., 410-235-2326

This is the type of place we like to give our business, because they get us. Every Tex-Mex spot serves Dos Equis and margaritas, but not all of them have an attitude worth remembering. Read more in our review.
82 Romans Place Patterson Park Pubs and Taverns

2 S. Decker Ave., 410-342-5226

Good luck finding this neighborhood bar without a keen eye. But discover this hidden gem once, and you'll understand why it's built a small but loyal following over the years. It's a welcoming bar where a stranger can grab a cold beer and a plate of fried chicken, all while chatting up the bartender. Read more.
83 8 x 10 Federal Hill Music Venues

10 E. Cross St., 410-625-2000

Home to mostly local funk, reggae, hip-hop and jam bands, The 8x10 feels less like a concert venue and more like bar with an impressive sound system and stage. Read more.
84 Sidebar Tavern Downtown Music Venues

3360 Chestnut Ave., 410-235-7887

Punk-rock venues are a dying breed in this country, so the Sidebar gets points for supporting the cause. But the club also offers one of the city's few open-mike nights for stand-up comedians on Mondays, which is a welcome alternative to looking up at a television all night. Read more.
85 Rocket to Venus Hampden Pubs and Taverns

3360 Chestnut Ave., 410-235-7887

With a decadent dessert like the PB&J Delight (a deep fried sandwich served with ice cream and caramel sauce), it'd be easy to skip over Rocket to Venus' drink specials. It'd also be foolish: The weekday happy hour (5-7 p.m.) serves three "toddler" 8 oz. drafts for $3. Read more.
86 Frederick's on Fleet Canton Cocktail Bars

2112 Fleet St., 443-438-4572

Kislings' new neighbor only opened in late August, but it's already a solid addition to the area. With a clean design, the folks at Frederick's can concentrate on its many gin-based cocktails. Be warned: They are strong, and not in a sneaky way. Read more in our review.
87 Captain Larry's Riverside Pubs and Taverns

601 E. Fort Ave., 410-727-4799

For more than half a century, this Riverside pirate-themed bar has kept things relatively the same, which is how its customers prefer it. It's dive-y in ways that are charming and not (it's cash only). On Sundays, go with a Bloody Mary - they're $3 all day. Read more.
88 Yellow Dog Tavern Canton Pubs and Taverns

700 S. Potomac St., 410-342-0280

This quaint bar seems hidden in plain view in Canton. That could change once readers realize Yellow Dog hosts two different happy hours Tuesday to Friday. Customers can take $1 off the beer, wine and well drinks from 5-7 p.m. and then again from 10 p.m to close. Read our 2010 dining review.
89 Bartenders Canton Pubs and Taverns

2218 Boston St., 410-534-2337

With a name like Bartenders, there better be a solid beers and drinks list and a welcoming group behind the bar. Luckily, Bartenders checks out, with its better-than-needed craft beer list and friendly staff. The pizza is some of the best in Canton, too. Read more.
90 Cowboys and Rednecks Pub Federal Hill Sports Bars

1117 S. Charles St., 410-223-2269

In Federal Hill, familiarity is key, which makes the undeniable success of Cowboys and Rednecks Pub all the more impressive. There was no guarantee the young, mingling crowds would welcome a new bar, but they've embraced this country-meets-sports bar with open arms. Read more.
91 Ale Mary's Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

1939 Fleet St. ,410-276-2044

Having the bar with the best (or most blasphemous?) name isn't enough to make this list, but it certainly helps. Since 2004, Ale Mary's has been a relaxing corner bar, serving more than 50 types of beers to its Fells Point crowd. Read more.
92 Club Hippo Mt. Vernon Dance Clubs

1 W. Eager St., 410-547-0069

Theme nights hit a new level at Club Hippo: Monday are for watching "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars," while Wednesdays are Gay Bingo night. Still, the best monthly event remains the Deep in the Game dance parties. Check out photos from a May 2012 event at Club Hippo.
93 Dogwatch Tavern Fells Point Pubs and Taverns

709 S. Broadway, 410-276-6030

Somewhere between Dave & Buster's and your buddy's hooked-up man cave, Dogwatch Tavern seemed made with sufferers of A.D.H.D. in mind. Besides Bear Pong (think overgrown beer pong) and other activities, it's also a great place to watch a game. Read more in our review.
94 Tiki Barge Downtown Outdoor Bars

500 Harborview Drive, 800-867-5309

Although the Tiki Barge has been a source of controversy since it opened, there's no denying its appeal to the young and bronzed community. It's a simple idea that will always have a clientele. Read more.
95 Elliott's Pour House Canton Sports Bars

3728 Hudson St., 410-276-2200

Renovated this year, this lonely neighborhood bar in Brewers Hill no longer seems interested in being just a corner pub. Now, the plan is to become a craft-beer destination. It has a way to go, but the effort is encouraging. Read more.
96 Liam Flynn's Ale House Station North Pubs and Taverns

22 W. North Ave., 410-244-8447

"Irish pub" is a label that gets tacked on to anything serving Guinness in dark lighting, but Liam Flynn's gets it right: Authentic decor, dartboards and one of the best beer lists in Station North. Read our 2011 review.
97 Birds of a Feather Fells Point Whiskey Bars

1712 Aliceanna St., 410-675-8466

Sure, there's food (basic necessities) and some seats, but above all else, the only thing you need to know about this bar — run by Alicia Horn — is that it serves more than 120 single malt scotches. Read our 2007 review.
98 American Harry's Bar Canton Dive Bars

623 S. Luzerne Ave., 410-327-0505

American Harry's has cheap beer, a working jukebox and a friendly, old school attitude. There's also a KENO machine, because no true Baltimore dive can operate without one. Read more.
99 Bistro Rx Patterson Park Wine Bars

2901 E. Baltimore St, 410-276-0820

While Bistro Rx boasts an intriguing menu of seafood, the real draw is its brunch, held from 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. every Sunday. While brunch costs $12, another $6 will get you unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys and screwdrivers. Read our 2010 review.
100 Dougherty's Pub Mt. Vernon Pubs and Taverns

223 W. Chase St., 410-752-4059

Attracting patrons from the neighborhood and nearby colleges, Dougherty's Pub has 15 beers on draft and the typical happy hour specials patrons have come to expect in Baltimore. But it also has character and heart. Read more.