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Badly done: Baltimore restaurants promote earthquake specials too quickly

Baltimore restaurants and bars started tweeting cornball drink and dining promotions as soon as 10 minutes after the earthquake hit.

That's too soon, far too soon to have a full understanding of casaulties. Plus, none of them was funny.


Also done badly -- restaurants that no longer have, forgive the expression, a live person to answer the phone. That's a minor irritant if you're a reporter trying to get information; it's irresponsible in an emergency situtation. Answer your phones.

I'll add in anecdotes from the earhtquake as I hear them:


The staff of B&O Brasserie led its customers to designated safe place after the earthquake hit. "It was clear what it was," said Eric Fooy, a bartender with the Downtown restaurant. The staff and their guests returned after about a half hour. "Everyone's adrenaline was up a little bit," Fooy said.

And...that's about it. I made a few phone calls. I wondered what, if anything, had happened at the 15th-floor Center Club, which if my thinking is correct, is the highest restaurant in Baltimore. But I called a few minutes after their office closed for the day.

UPDATE: Jack Lambert of the Baltimore Business Journal thought to call the Center Club before they closed. Here's what the wrote:

"The restaurant's 10 or so occupied tables continued eating as the building's security deemed the restaurant safe, said Andreas Doulamatis, clubhouse manager for the Center Club: 'The only thing that moved, and understandably so, were the hanging chandeliers, he said"

Nice job.

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