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Too hot out there? Try these indoor amusement parks in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, etc.

Sometimes you want that outdoor adventure, but indoors.

Maybe, like this week, it’s just too darn sticky icky hot. Or maybe you’ve just had enough of al fresco fun, even here in subtropic paradise.


Here are a few options where you can get all the adventure and good times of the the great outdoors, but know, with air conditioning.

iFly World

11690 W. State Road 84, Davie. 954-280-4359.


At iFly you get the feeling of skydiving through 60-second intervals in a wind tunnel (four fans, each 450 horsepower) that allows you to float and whip around, replicating the sensation of parachute jumping out of an airplane in a free fall.

iFly’s virtual-reality experience gives participants the sensation and visuals of skydiving over California, Hawaii, Switzerland or Dubai.

Various flight plans are available, costing from $59.95 to $525 for experienced fliers. First-time fliers get two flights for $79.95. A friends-and-family rate of $340.95 includes 10 flights for up to five people. The virtual-reality flights cost an extra $20 with the regular wind-tunnel flights.

At Escape Rooms FL in Coconut Creek groups or teams work together against the clock to solve puzzles, crack codes and complete challenges.

Escape Rooms FL

4937 Coconut Creek Parkway, Coconut Creek. 754-303-8890.


Opened last fall, this venue has themed escape rooms with interactive adventure games for groups. The idea is for the team to work together against the clock (you got 60 minutes) — solving puzzles, finding clues, cracking codes in order to win the challenge.

Co-owner Angela Matarazzo adds in an email, “Escape Rooms FL offers an immersive interactive themed escape rooms, which is the perfect activity for those looking for something fun and new to do with friends, families, date night, tourists seeking a different type of attraction or for businesses wanting an unusual team building exercise.”

The cost is $35 per person. Group rates available for corporate team building and birthday parties.

One of the escape rooms at Escape Rooms FL in Coconut Creek.
Jousting at Gecko Parx in Weston.

Gecko Parx

3305 Corporate Ave., Weston. 954-526-8180.

Yes, this venue may be best known for the trampoline court (or variations such as basketball slam dunk courts and dodgeball trampoline).

But now there are some additional attractions such as virtual reality games, jousting, slackline, parkour, a ropes course, rock climbing, an arcade, a foam pit and a Ninja warrior course.


A one-hour pass is $15 (all-day passes are $19.99 or $24.99 depending on the day). Virtual reality and the ropes course is $10. The arcade is $5-$20.

The ropes at Gecko Parx in Weston.
Project Rock in Oakland Park offers rock climbing, bouldering, rappelling, group yoga, fitness sessions, climbing classes and kids camps.

Project Rock

3580 N Andrews Ave., Oakland Park. 954-766-4836.

So here are the numbers for this gym: The venue is 10,000 square feet with 16,000 square feet of vertical climbing featuring rock realistic walls which are between 40 and 60 feet high (the tallest walls in Florida and some of the tallest in the country). There is 1,800 square feet of bouldering where the challenges are about 16 feet tall. There is also rappelling, group yoga, fitness sessions, climbing classes and kids camps.

Day passes without gear are $19, with gear $25. Seniors, students and youths (under 18) can get day passes for $16 without gear and $22 with gear. Military, police, fire/rescue and teachers are $16 without gear and $20 with gear. There are monthly memberships ranging from $20 to $70.

You can rent climbing shoes and harness for $4; belay device for $3; chalk bag for $2 and a full gear package for $6.

Project Rock in Oakland Park has 1,800 square feet of bouldering where the challenges are about 16 feet tall.

Xtreme Action Park

5300 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale. 954-491-6265.


This indoor entertainment complex has a go kart race track, roller skating rink, a ropes course, virtual reality escape rooms and games, interactive 7D theater, laser tag and bowling lanes.

A bowling game is $10 per person (bowling has hourly rental rates for up to six people at $55 and $75 depending on the day). The ropes course and a single roller skating session are both $15 per person. The virtual reality escape rooms range from $10 to $30 and Evolution Escape rooms range from $30 to $36 per person, depending on the day..

Virtual reality experience "Space Station Tiberia" at Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale.

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