Maravene Loeschke, president of Towson University
Maravene Loeschke, president of Towson University (Erin Kirkland, Baltimore Sun photo)

What was the hardest lesson you've learned so far?

"That trust is precious and is not found easily."


What's a fact about yourself that will surprise people?

"My sense of humor and the imitations I do."

What do you do to relax?

"I read, walk, and spend time with my husband."

Your (other) dream job would be?

"I would be in a theater company acting a variety of different roles in comedy."

What's on your playlist?

"Classical, musicals, '60s, country."

What is your favorite book?

"'Choosing Civility' by P.M. Forni. If only the entire world would read it."

What's your favorite vacation destination?

"Tides Inn in the Northern Neck of Virginia. My mother was born on the property, and we have vacationed there throughout my life. I feel like I grew up there."