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The Wait

Longing for a child and faced with infertility, couple looks to foster care

Without a hint of alarm, the doctor told me to go ahead and sit up on the exam table. The procedure was finished. I stared at the white and gray image on the X-ray monitor. The physician tried to gently explain what was wrong with me.

‘Will I be here forever?’ With foster brothers, they stitched together a temporary family

In our cozy guest room, I tucked the quilt around the 9-year-old boy I had just met. He looked up at me frightened, his blue eyes wide, a spattering of freckles across his nose.

Was love holding on or letting go? As foster sons reunite with father, couple open hearts to possible daughter

The baby was sleeping in a cradle, flush against my bed. I could easily reach in and feel her tiny chest, rising and falling with each breath.

Where do kids go from foster care?

3,841 kids were in foster care in Maryland in the 2016 federal fiscal year. Where did they end up?