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'Sofa' vs. 'Couch': 26 word debates in the U.S.

The English language is spoken by more than 1.5 billion people around the world — but we don’t all speak it exactly the same way, even within the same country. Put someone from Louisiana together with someone from Massachusetts, for instance, and they might not understand one another. That's because American English is so diverse. Accents and pronunciations vary between regions. For example, it's easy to tell you're from the South if you pronounce "caramel" with three syllables. Different states also have their own unique slang words that describe things that don't exist elsewhere or that come from languages spoken by people who settled there. Other English terms have spread across entire regions, dividing the country into sections based on different words people use for the same object — and things can get heated when people argue that their region's term is superior. Whether you call it a "sofa" or a "couch," here are 26 word variations that are a dead giveaway of where you're from. (This story originally appeared on The Active Times.)

Kaitlin Miller, The Active Times
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