Music lovers share their memories of WHFS-FM

Trailer for "Feast Your Ears: The Story of WHFS 102.3 FM,” a documentary that should be ready for release this year.

Clearly, there remains a lot of love out there for WHFS-FM, the free-form progressive music station that came out of the mid-’60s subculture to play the music its DJs wanted you to hear. Endearingly freewheeling, with DJs like Weasel, Damian, Cerphe and Bob Here offering their idiosyncratic soundtrack to their listeners’ lives, it became the go-to station for serious music enthusiasts lucky enough to live close enough to its Bethesda (and later Annapolis) studios to receive its signal.

Sometime this year, former WHFS employee Jay Schlossberg’s documentary, “Feast Your Ears: The Story of WHFS 102.3 FM,” should get its premiere, giving people the happy chance to relive their memories of WHFS. In the meantime, here are some Facebook reactions to our recent story about the station and Schlossberg’s upcoming film.


John Greene: Good part of my adolescence was listening to that station. Weasel, Tom Terrell and Niecey!!! Were my favorites. Damien still not a fan!!! Lol. They played Alternative before Alternative was Cool. I miss the Old WHFS. The new HD WHFS not the same!!!

Cat Carp: I started listening to HFS in the early ‘80’s. I would skip school head down to Cordell ave in Bethesda ... go to the awesome record shop and hang out just waiting to see Joey Ramone


Claire Welsh: I’ll never forget they played ‘Last Goodbye’ and then Latin music came on and that was it. 😓

Kelly Schleicher: I loved that station and miss it. WTMD has done a great job replacing it though.

Mention the call letters “WHFS” to music lovers of a certain age, and don’t be surprised if a smile instantly appears on their face, or a twinkle seems to light up their eye.

Sheldon Phillips: WHFStival was the best.

Richard Arendt: Nothing beat 99.1 back in the ‘90s. Incredible playlists, DJs, and festivals. The only station nowadays that semi-resembles WHFS is @radio947 in Sacramento.


Jay Brown: Ahhhh - the days of the HFStival. Taking in Third Eye Blind, Stone Temple Pilots, and Rage Against the Machine from the mosh pit.Good times ❤️

Marc Felizzi: Moved to Baltimore area in 82. HFS blew my mind. Helped me discover Kemp Mill Records, only place around that carried NRBQ..

Frank Young: I worked for a company that was at the Darth Vader building in the 90's. We also saw Bob Waugh and Rob Timm outside hanging and our receptionist became friends with them. Don't forget 99.1! Great station. It was the east coast version of 91X

Brian Keith Zink: Bob and Rob in the morning where they played music and did intellectual interviews instead of the crap want to be comedy crap on 98 crap. Local music with Katherine and Aq. Still sing the lead in song. Zoltar the brother from another planet. Damien. All great real djs

Walter Closson: Circa 1969, WHFS was a standard MOR station until 4:00pm on weekdays when it changed and went into the Progressive format.

Steve Preston: I loved this station!! I remember Weasel. Now I listen to WXPN 88.5 out of the University of Pennsylvania

Dan Bolton: I really miss that station. While I enjoy 98 Rock in the mornings, I tend to stream from Amazon most other times these days.

Chip Rosenberg: BTW, if you went to a lot of big concerts in the late 70’s around DC, ie Capital Centre, Constitution Hall, etc, HFS DJ Cerphe often introduced the bands.

Kirby Summers Bring back the old 70s way of running a radio station with actually playing music 50 mins. out of the hour. I turn it off most of the time driving because they bombard you with too many commercials and too much talk radio !

Andrea Lems Davison: Loved Weasel and Bob Here, especially that Friday 5:00pm weekend song block.

Horace T. Rickster: Wish they’d bring this format back, tbh.

Virginia Durham: My favorite radio station back in the day. Beat 98 Rock

John Santoro: In its heyday WHFS was the #1 station in the country !

Gene Rowan: That was great station, better than any thing on the radio at the time

Sharon Schwemmer: That was one of the best!

Jeff Hetzer: Went to every single whfs Festival. I was listening to it the day it flipped to Mexican music.

Mimi Carlson: We used to drive out to the station to party.

Shannon Dyer Reid: Weasel!

Steven Dearborn: My favorite station during the 70"s and 80's. Try Ocean 98.1 WOCM with an eclectic play list.

Rhonda Wagner: Want to see this! HFS was the best!

Chip Rosenberg; HFS was amazing

Lisa Church Breeden: Ahhhh... the good ol' days!Nora Wolff Holmes: Loved HFS. Went to the festivals

Deborah Mooney: Miss HFS SO much 😔

Linda Denkenberger Moran: Loved HFS! ❤️

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