Retro Baltimore Trivia: What was the amateur baseball team Reggie Jackson played for in Baltimore in the summer of 1965? And where in town did they play?

Readers: Think you know your Baltimore? Try answering our weekly trivia question. Some weeks will be ridiculously easy, some weeks a bit more challenging.

Here’s last week’s trivia:

QUESTION: MLB Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson played one season for the Orioles in 1976, but he also played on an amateur baseball team in Baltimore during the summer of 1965, after his freshman year at Arizona State University. Jackson, 19, proved to be a slugger even then, sometimes working out at Memorial Stadium and hitting balls to the top of the stands in right field. What was the name of the amateur baseball team? And for extra credit, where in Baltimore did the team play?

ANSWER: The team was Leone’s Boys Club, coached by Walter Youse, then an Orioles scout. The team was so named as it was sponsored by the late Dominic Leone, a former restaurateur in South Baltimore and city councilman. The team played at Swann Park, just west of Hanover Street.

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