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Retro Baltimore Trivia: What U.S. president toasted Baltimore as ‘The Monumental City’?

The Battle Monument, a memorial to the men who died defending their city during the War of 1812's Battle of Baltimore (which occurred in September 1814, a juxtaposition of dates that has confounded schoolchildren for generations) was completed in 1825. That's the Battle Monument on the city's flag and seal. (Pictured is a collection of old rubber items in front of the monument during World War II.)

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QUESTION: What U.S. president toasted Baltimore as “The Monumental City”?

ANSWER: President John Quincy Adams gave the toast at Barnum’s City Hotel, at the end of several days in Baltimore for a visit, in 1827. His toast was this: “Baltimore — the monumental city — may the days of her safety be as prosperous and happy, as the days of her danger have been trying and triumphant.”