Retro Baltimore

Retro Baltimore Trivia: While visiting Baltimore, poet Longfellow suggested what name for the Brown family estate?

The Brown estate

Readers: Think you know your Baltimore? Try answering our weekly trivia question. Some weeks will be ridiculously easy, some weeks a bit more challenging.

Here’s last week’s trivia:


QUESTION: While visiting Baltimore, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow suggested what American-Indian name for the Brown family (George, Alex, etc.) estate? (Hint: The name stuck, and while the spelling changed slightly by a city draftsman, it also became the name of an avenue and a shopping center, both still around today in Northwest Baltimore.)

ANSWER: Mondamin, an Indian word meaning “cornfield,” and an Indian corn god. A city draftsman’s mistake changed the spelling to Mondawmin. Still in use today is Mondawmin Avenue and the Mondawmin Mall.