Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

This Day in History: Oct. 8

In 1967, former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee died in London at age 84.

1869: The 14th president of the United States, Franklin Pierce, died in Concord, N.H.

1871: The Great Chicago Fire erupted; fires also broke out in Peshtigo, Wis., and in several communities in Michigan.

1890: American aviation hero Eddie Rickenbacker was born in Columbus, Ohio.

1918: U.S. Army Cpl. Alvin C. York led an attack that killed 25 German soldiers and captured 132 others in the Argonne Forest in France.

1945: President Harry S Truman told a press conference in Tiptonville, Tenn., that the secret scientific knowledge behind the atomic bomb would be shared only with Britain and Canada. 

1982: All labor organizations in Poland, including Solidarity, were banned.

2005: A magnitude 7.6 earthquake flattened villages on the Pakistan-India border, killing an estimated 86,000 people.

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