This Day in History: Feb. 3

In 1964, the Casselman Bridge on U.S. Route 40 in Garrett County was declared a national historic landmark. The bridge opened in 1813 as part of the National Road, allowing for travel westward through Cumberland. At the time it was constructed, the bridge’s stone arch was the largest in the nation. The bridge was used until 1933. (Lew Bush, Baltimore Sun photo, 1976)

1690: The first paper money in America was issued by the colony of Massachusetts.

1913: The 16th Amendment to the Constitution, providing for a federal income tax, was ratified.

1966: A presidential commission asked Congress to consider providing American families with a guaranteed minimum income, citing technology as a factor in increased unemployment.

1984: In an effort to close the gender gap between himself and female voters, President Ronald Reagan said he was sure a woman would be president someday. “I am sure that one day one of you may have this job – my job. I think the only thing we have to worry about is being sure she is a Republican,” he quipped to a group of Republican women officeholders at a White House luncheon.

Compiled by Laura Lefavor and Paul McCardell.

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