Bygone Baltimore restaurants hold a special place in diners' hearts, as do many of the foods that they once served. But it's safe to say some of those dishes may not play quite as well to modern audiences as they did in their prime.

The Baltimore Sun enlisted help from a handful of local chefs to re-create favorite menu items from beloved Baltimore establishments. This time, they added their own twists — substituting vinaigrette for mayonnaise, sous-viding rather than braising and adding garnishes for an extra pop.


Here you'll find the original recipes for cherished menu items like Haussner's strawberry pie, Marconi's chopped salad and the Chesapeake Restaurant's crab imperial, alongside their modern counterparts. We invite you to try them both.

Re-creating classic Baltimore recipes: Marconi's chopped salad

Chef Sascha Wolhandler's cafe in Mount Vernon is known for its chopped salads. But before Sascha's, there was Maison Marconi.

Re-creating classic Baltimore recipes: Haussner's strawberry pie

Avenue Bakery's James Hamlin didn't change much about the strawberry pie from Haussner's when he re-created it. But he did double the amount of pastry cream.

Re-creating classic Baltimore recipes: The Harley burger

Abbey Burger Bistro chef Patrick Morrow re-created the Harley burger using a bigger patty, a spicier sauce and a new cooking process.

Re-creating classic Baltimore recipes: Chesapeake Restaurant's crab imperial

Loch Bar's crab imperial tartine, a modern take on traditional crab imperial, was received well by guests while it was on the menu.

Re-creating classic Baltimore recipes: The Pimlico Hotel's egg roll

From 1951 through 1991, the Pimlico Hotel made a name for itself with a voluminous menu, custard-layered cakes, famous patrons — and egg rolls.