Meet Baltimore's Pigskin Pickin' Pup

The Baltimore Sun

Football season is here! With the Ravens about to begin their regular season this weekend digging in at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's time to introduce Baltimore to its newest sports star: Teddy The Pigskin Picking Pup.

He's too small to be a linebacker. He's probably fast enough to get the ball down the field -- if the ball wasn't heavier than he is. And he wears the purple jersey with as much pride asRay Lewis.

But this dog's real talent is picking the winners of games.

Little Teddy, who Unleashed readers might recognize from last year, will be attempting to pick the winner of every game during the Ravens' regular season.

If he ends the season with a winning record, there of course will be glory in it for him. Much glory. But there's more riding on this than that. If the little guy picks right more often than not, he'll end the season with a trip to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter where the city's neediest pets will celebrate his win along with him. Teddy will make sure there's a treat in it for every last dog and kitty in the shelter.

So watch for his picks right here on the blog before each game. You'll find Teddy's first bet here on Thursday.

So cheer on Teddy. Because if he wins, so do the dogs and kitties of Baltimore.

Go Teddy Go!

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