Is 'The Perfect Dog Toy' really that good?

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This week The Unleashed Testing Panel is taking on a new dog toy with a big boast right in its name: The Perfect Dog Toy.

Made by the company Just Ducky, The Perfect Dog Toy claims to be "virtually indestructible" and able to be "tugged, tossed or chewed without breaking." In fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee that they won't break. Made of of 100 percent polyurethane, the toy costs about $19.95.

But is the toy really that perfect?

We decided to put the so-called perfect toy through the paces with Border Collie Dean. If a toy can survive Dean's rough-housing and obsessive play, there's a good chance it deserves that name.

Here's what Dean has to say about The Perfect Dog Toy (as translated by his person, Karin):

Hi, my name is Dean and I’m a 6 year old border collie.  I was a hard working farm dog until March of 2010 when I decided to retire from the herding business and move to Baltimore.  But I've found retirement hard to settle into. I can't relax! I need a job! I play in the park as if it's my career. I never let a ball out of my sight. I'll toss a stick until I'm literally bleeding. Play is my work. And The Perfect Dog Toy was able to keep up with me.

Not only has The Perfect Dog Toy made it through an earthquake and hurricane, it's survived every puddle I could find in the park. After my person Karin throws is, she can easily find it in the tall grass because of its bright yellow. Though she doesn't like how it easily sinks there because it's a bit heavy. Though it's fine to get wet, she says it probably wouldn’t be a good toy to take along if you’re playing in the deep waters of Robert E Lee or Downs Parks. 

My favorite thing to do with the toy is to have my owner, or anyone who walks near me really, throw it over and over so I can fetch it and bring it back immediately.  Although I have a few issues with the dropping part of the game, I still love to carry it around and show it off.  I’ve found that if I present it correctly by holding it in the middle or at one end, there’s always a chance of a game of tug of war with any willing passerby or doggie pal. The handles on each end make it especially fun to play tug with and makes for easier tosses for my owner.

I love it so much that I even had one guy twirl me around in circles with The Perfect Dog Toy in my mouth because I didn’t want to let go. 

So far it’s been indestructible and only a few scratches can be found after several weeks. It would be nice if it was a little shorter or lighter because when I run really fast and it’s centered evenly in my mouth, both handled ends bounce off the top of my head!

Anyway, I would highly recommend the purchase of this toy for any medium to large dog based on its durability and hours of entertainment. The $19.95 pricetag seems about right.

The Verdict: 3.5 stars out of four. (Karin might have awarded more if the toy was a bit lighter.)


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