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Dogs to ease final-exam angst at UB

Few situations are more stressful than law school final exams, and 'tis the season. But frazzled test-takers at the University of Baltimore School of Law will enjoy a stress-free zone full of soft fluffy dog love and puppy kisses tomorrow thanks to an enterprising student and Pets on Wheels.

Seven therapy dogs and their human volunteers will visit the law school lobby from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, May 3, to de-stress students in the middle of their final exams. Organized by "University of Baltimore Law Review" Editor John Baber, the Stress-Free Zone was put together to help students take a deep breath and relax, which is something he says petting a dog provides.

“The simple loving gaze of a pet can make a semester’s worth of strictly scrutinizing your outlines fall into perspective,” says Baber, who had help on what he deems a two-hour mental health session from the Student Bar Association, Law Career Development Office, and Women’s Bar Association. Show up, he says, pet a dog, feel calmer, and -- maybe -- ace that final.

Students who find calm in chocolate (and really, who doesn’t?) will also be able to shop at a bake sale held at the same time in the lobby by the Women’s Bar Association, whose proceeds will be donated to Saving Grace Animal Rescue, founded by UB law student Lauren Sanders.


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