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Dog Walk in Annapolis raises more than $100,000

Never let it be said that a group of dog lovers can’t accomplish much. If you were in Annapolis last weekend, you likely saw a parade of chocolate, yellow, and black labs around town and thought it was sweet. And while it was a fun event, it also raised more than $100,000 to rehome homeless Labrador Retrievers in the area.Lab Rescue of the LRCP (Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac) hosted its annual Dog Walk in Annapolis on Saturday. More than 300 walkers paraded their cornucopia of labs through town, ending up in a field of kiddie pools and tents for an afternoon of fun with formerly-orphaned pups who’ve found new families through the rescue. The rescue re-homed 1,003 labs in 2012 and is tracking to do even more great work this year. The $100,802 raised by walkers and their sponsors goes toward rescuing, providing medical visits and care, fostering, and adopting out those dogs. Labs are extraordinarily popular, but many people buy pups without realizing how high-energy they are, how much care they need, or what a commitment dog ownership really is. And many are given up due to moves, deployments, deaths, and circumstances outside families’ control. Saturday’s event brought together labs and their families from near and far for a day of ball-throwing, water-splashing, snack-eating, and love-absorbing fun.“Lab Rescue of the LRCP thanks everyone who strapped on their shoes, leashed up their dogs, and joined in the fun,” says rescue Vice President Wendy Finn. “We also thank everyone who supported a walker.  Every dollar raised will be used to welcome, vet, and re-home more labs in need.”


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