Hold onto your pups: Dog kidnappings on the rise

The Baltimore Sun

Yipe -- here's a disturbing story. Dog-nappings are up in a big way in 2011... more than 30 percent!

According to this report in the Chicago Sun-Times, the American Kennel Club, which tracks dog kidnappings, is saying the crime has surged 32 percent this year. The organization says 224 animals have been nabbed already in 2011, compared with just 150 last year, the paper reports.

Money -- not surprisingly -- seems to be the motivation. (No kidnappers apparently did it out of a deep-rooted desire to scoop poop in the park, pick up drool-soaked balls or to get help polishing off a box of Milk Bones. Or so they say.)

Thieves are swiping dogs from homes, cars and right out pet stores.

 “I’ve even seen some taken out of a child’s arms on a park bench," AKC spokeswoman Lisa Peterson told the paper.

It would be awful enough to come home to find you've been robbed -- but to realized they've take a pet must be horrendous. As for the people who had dogs taken from cars -- or grabbed while they've been tied up outside a store.... I have to say, I think that's their own fault. Would someone leave an iPad on their car seat and expect to find it there when they get back? Or a gold bracelet tied to a pole in front of a store? I'm not saying a dog is a luxury item but a dog is certainly valuable and people can't be stupid, leaving them here and there like sacks of potatos.

The AKC told the paper that many of the stolen dogs end up being resold -- not just as pets, but sometimes to laboratories and dogfighters.

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