Collared: Wynne

Baltimore residents Terry Shepard and Debra Thomas are passionate about their two cats, Wynne Penwan and Thibodeoux Boudreaux, also known as Thibby. Recently adopted from BARCS, Wynne is the newcomer to the house, but he carefully seduced each member of the family. Wynne, whose name is Welsh for "pure crazy" in honor of Thomas' Welsh heritage, paid special attention when winning over Thibby, a 6-year-old whose name also has an interesting story. Thibby's name honors the cat's mother, who was believed to have arrived in Houston with refugees from Hurricane Katrina. "We suspect he got his savvy about females from being the only boy in a litter and sharing a BARCS enclosure with his mother and three sisters," Shepard said. -- Cassandra Berube, The Baltimore Sun
Christopher T. Assaf, Baltimore Sun
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