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Animal-rescuing cop becomes Baltimore's top eligible bachelor

Jon Boyer is probably going to take a lot of heat for this -- we’re sorry, Jon. But it’s really our duty to report your utter fabulousness and rock-star status as an animal rescuer. Not that the ladies of Baltimore need any reminding, apparently.

Homeless and injured animals seem to have something of a magnetic attraction to Boyer, who’s a Baltimore police officer. He says police rescue cats and dogs all the time -- comes with the job. But he’s a little flummoxed that his occasional drop-off at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) has also made him a magnet for instantly lovestruck women. There’s apparently something about a handsome guy cuddling a little creature that makes the female heart go pitter-pat.

“It’s kind of weird,” he says, taking some good-natured ribbing from his partner in their patrol car. “It’s been a little different. I wasn’t expecting this, being a police officer.”

It all started about a year ago, when someone at BARCS snapped a photo of Boyer with a kitten he’d rescued, and sent it to the folks at Baltimore's Show Your Soft Side (SYSS) campaign, which works to help abused pets.

“We posted the photo and people went nuts -- in a good way,” says SYSS founder Sande Riesett. So she asked the 26-year-old officer to model in her Pawject Runway fundraising event, and the crowd went wild for him.

“Women love him,” she says. “I mean, what’s not to love about a big, tough, gun-toting guy who is a sucker for anything that barks or purrs?”

Soon after, he started appearing in SYSS posters and ads, and has since been auctioned off by BARCS as a date (we hear, by the way, they have more big plans for him -- get those checkbooks ready, girls).

For his part, the uniformed hunk says his new-found celebrity “blows my mind.” And the rumors of women flinging date requests and marriage proposals his way? All true.

“It’s too many,” he says with a laugh. “It’s become a little ridiculous. My roommates and my friends are a little jealous, but they also love the attention because it gives them a reason to make fun of me mercilessly.”

While bombarding Jon and his buddies at home probably won’t bring the intended results, potential Cinderellas might catch the Prince Charming at BARCS, where he’s known to drop in once or twice a week, usually with a cat or dog needing help. They can also become one of the 3,000 hopeful girls waving virtual glass slippers on the "I Love Jon Boyer" Facebook page.

“It falls in my lap,” he says. “Every time my partner and I work together, it happens: we come into a situation where a cat or a dog needs help. They flock to us. This cat will come up who’s hurt and we look at each other and go, 'How did that just happen?'” No matter -- the lucky kitty or puppy ends up with a first-class ride to the shelter and, sometimes, in a photo that goes screaming across social media.

“It happens a lot to police officers,” he says, at least of the needy pet part. “They just don’t get the attention I get. The good thing is that, at this point, every animal I rescue gets attention and gets adopted.”

The attention...well...the human kind, he says, is amusing. He's a hit on both BuzzFeed and Huffington Post.

“I think it’s hilarious,” he says. And while his three cats haven’t been entirely happy to pose with him in his SYSS shoots, he knows they’re doing lots of good. As for the SYSS people? They know exactly what they’ve got in a city police officer who has a thing for helpless creatures and happens to be quite, um, photogenic.

“He is a sweetheart and he’s the real thing,” says Riesett, adding that Boyer has been known to stay at charity events until the bitter end, helping clean up and pitching in wherever he can. And then she very tactfully addressed his status as extreme eye candy.

“We recently asked if he’d send us a photo wearing a t-shirt [they sent],” she says. “I sent him an XXL. It looks like we got it at Baby Gap!”

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