Officials at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter are working this week to save a 5-week-old puppy found in a dumpster with a severe bite to her head.

BARCS’ Instagram account shared a post Tuesday with a photo of the puppy, a female they have since named Hootie.

A representative from BARCS could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday morning.

The post states a passerby recently heard a little noise coming from a dumpster and found the puppy, with a swollen head.


Hootie had three head fractures to her eye, her skull and her jaw, the post states.

Because Hootie is believed to be about five weeks old, she is too young to have her jaw wired shut and will need careful pain management in the weeks to come, the post states.

“Baby Hootie is new to this world, and while we can’t erase the trauma and abandonment that she has experienced, we are doing everything we can to make up for it with love,” the post states.