Cat yoga class at Charm Kitty Cafe will raise money for Baltimore Humane Society

Charm City Cafe will host a cat yoga class with adoptable felines on Feb. 6, 2018

Baltimoreans will be able to tap into their inner "meowmaste" (or feline-related divine spark) with the "help" of Layla, Checkers and Harmony (or their friends) next month during a cat yoga class at Charm Kitty Cafe.

All of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the Baltimore Humane Society, according to the group's spokeswoman, Wendy Goldband.


Participants in the hourlong class at 7:45 p.m. Feb. 6 will perfect their skill at such poses as downward dog, the bridge and side plank with the "help" of between eight and 10 adoptable felines who live in the restaurant, Baltimore's first cat cafe.

"We've known about this idea for a couple of years, but we haven't had the opportunity to host one because the yoga studios we contacted were worried about allergies," Goldband said. "Once the cafe opened, we finally had our chance."


The cafe is located at Whitehall Mill, 3300 Clipper Mill Road, and the cats-in-residence currently include Layla, a one-eyed orange tabby who likes to listen to the radio and sunbathe, Checkers (black and white) and Harmony (white and gray). in addition to being able to contort themselves effortlessly into seemingly impossible poses, the kitties are likely to distract their human classmates by jumping on their shoulders, licking their hair or attempting to drink from their water bottles.

The cost for the class is $20. Advanced registration is urged (register here) as class size will be limited to about two dozen human participants.

"It all fits," Goldband said. "Being around cats is very relaxing, and yoga is very relaxing. And knowing that you're helping animals in need is a great way to promote inner peace."