Starving puppy recovers enough to move to foster care

You can see her bones protruding and she’s still painfully thin.

But Henrietta, the emaciated 10-month-old puppy found earlier this month beneath a pile of trash inside a Kenilworth Park apartment, is gaining strength every day.

Henrietta was strong enough to be released into foster care five days ago, according to an update published on the Baltimore Animal Rescue Care Shelter (BARCS) Facebook page.

“At first, she needed help to stand and was unsteady on her feet,” the puppy’s foster mother writes in an update. “Now, she pops up to greet me in the morning and follows me around the house waiting for her next meal. She gets fed four times a day, and relishes every bite.”

The feeding schedule appears to be working, since Henrietta has gained a pound since she was found beneath mounds of trash with just a bowl of water. The normal weight for a dog with Henrietta’s bone structure is between 30 and 40 pounds and veterinarians estimated that the dog had been without food for about three weeks. She now weighs 13.5 pounds. She was discovered by a landlord who was checking on his property and heard the puppy’s low whimpers.

“Her personality is starting to emerge, and we can tell that she is going to be quite a character,” Henrietta’s foster mother writes. “She's sweet and affectionate, but also feisty and a bit naughty, as every smart, happy puppy should be.”

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