Emaciated puppy found under pile of trash is fighting for her life

An emaciated 10-month-old puppy is clinging to life not quite two days after she was found buried beneath a pile of trash inside a Kenilworth Park apartment.

“Henrietta is at the ER right now,” said Lizzy Grap, an employee of the Baltimore Animal Rescue Care Shelter (BARCS), which is paying for the puppy’s treatment.

“She is not quite out of the woods yet. Her prognosis is still very guarded but we’re hopeful for a full recovery. She’s still very weak but wagging her tail when the people at the ER are giving her love. “

Henrietta was found Wednesday after a landlord went to check on his rental property in northern Baltimore. The apartment was filled with mounds of trash, and the landlord could hear what sounded like an animal’s low whimpers, Grap said.

The landlord called the Animal Control unit for the city, where workers found the tan dog under a panel and buried under a mound of debris. She had been left with a bowl of water.

“She was all skin and bones,” Grap said. “We estimate that she’d been without food for about three weeks.”

But when a veterinarian cupped Henrietta’s face in her hands, the puppy weakly thumped her tail.

Grap said that since news of Henrietta’s plight became public, the shelter has received four inquiries about adopting her, though it could take months before the puppy is healthy enough to leave the shelter.

“Right now, our priority is getting her back to being a normal, healthy puppy,” Grap said.



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