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Mirabelle, 7

Boston terrier; model, muse, subject of a series of picture books for kids Answering for Mirabelle: Baltimore artist Michael Muller, the human caretaker of Mirabelle's empire How did you and Mirabelle get together? She was the best Christmas present I ever got. Any brushes with fame? I am always blown away when total strangers recognize her on the street and shout out, "That's Mirabelle!" Recently at the Decatur [Ga.] Book Festival, we got to meet Sara Shepard, author of "Pretty Little Liars," the hugely successful [young-adult] book series. It turns out she and her little boy are fans of Mirabelle. Does Mirabelle enjoy the spotlight? I think she does. She always seems to know when she is going to do an event. I know she enjoys meeting kids, especially the sticky ones. She licks a lot of babies in the course of a Mirabelle day. Who has the upper hand in this relationship? Mirabelle, for sure. She has me wrapped around her little paw. If there were a Mirabelle Cam, what would the public see? I think they would see a lot of wrestling with her sister, Amelia, and disembowelments of stuffed toys. I would watch it, too, just to find out what she is up to.
Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun photo
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