President Obama shops for Bo's Christmas present

Lots of pets will be getting presents for the holidays this year.

And Bo Obama is no exception.


In fact, the world knows what the First Dog is going to get.

On Wednesday, President Obama went Christmas shopping, stopping at Best Buy (to pick up some video games and iTunes gift cards, probably for his girls) and at PetSmart to get a little something for the pup.


It looks like Bo is going to spend the holidays chomping on one seriously large bone.

And I'm not sure, but it looks like that might be a bag of treats in the President's hand.

Bo, meanwhile, seems interested in the plush toys.

And, as they seem to be 50 percent off, perhaps the president can be convinced....

The PetSmart stop was kind of funny and included Bo meeting a poodle named Cinnamon. (See photo of Cinnamon meeting Bo at left)

Here is a bit of the pool report, as reported by

Presidential motorcade left a soggy South Lawn at 12:45 p.m. for shopping and lunch amidst the legislative chaos. Fourteen minutes later the motorcade arrived at Potomac Yards in Alexandria, where the President headed into the Pet Smart store. By the time the pool was allowed in a shirtsleeved POTUS was at a checkout counter with Bo, who appeared to be sizing up a small brown "standard poodle" named Cinnamon, according to the dog's owner.

"Okay, Bo, don't get too personal here," POTUS admonished, holding tightly to Bo's leash. He pulled out a $50 bill to pay for two items, one a large dog bone. Total was slightly more than $41.