'Portlandia' takes on dog park people -- anyone look familiar?

Dogs love dog parks but the fenced in public spaces have a way of bringing out the worst in some people.

Leave it to the folks behind the hit television show "Portlandia" to skewer dog park culture.

In the new season of the sketch-style comedy that airs on IFC and stars Fred Armisen of"Saturday Night Live" and Carrie Brownstein, there's a recurring bit about a couple that takes their dog to a dog park.

To say that Dave and Kath are anxious, anthropomorphic and utterly unfamilar with dogs is putting it mildly. It's a wonder their poor pup isn't on Prozac. 

Upon entering the dog park with Quicksilver, the couple immediately tells everyone that because the dog was rescued from a tsunammi, they'd appreciate if everyone could be quiet about the word "water."

They proceed to carve out their own piece of the public lot, shooing away dogs that wander into the line they drew in the dirt. They say their ball "isn't a share-ball."

At one point while Armisen's Dave is trying to get a good picture of Quicksilver in the park, he says to one of the other dogs, "Hey, the barking -- I don't need it."

It's funny because, like a lot of funny bits, it's a little true.

Baltimore might not have as many dog parks as a progressive city like Portland. But I have a sneaking suspicion we have a few "Dave and Kaths" around. Has anyone seen them?

Check out the sketch here: