Sarah Palin calls Obama's Christmas card with Bo 'odd'

Sarah Palin, it seems, finds the Obama family Christmas card featuring First Dog Bo something less than appropriate.

The former governor of Alaska tod Fox News that she found it "odd" that the card featured the dog rather than the cores of the holiday: "family, faith and freedom."


Americans, she added, want "American foundational values illustrated and displayed on Christmas cards and on a Christmas tree."

The Obama's card shows


, lounging in front of a lit fireplace. The fireplace is decorated with red bows and greenery, while a wider shot of the room shows a big poinsettia on a table and wrapped presents.

According to the Los Angeles Times blog,

, Los Angeles artist and designer Mark Matuszak created the card for the First Family.

The artist recently told the LAT that the White House social secretary asked him to design the card.

"They wanted to do an inside shot, something home related," Matuszak told the paper. One idea was to focus on Bo. "So we thought, let's put Bo in front of a fireplace."