Collared today: Angus Earl

Collared today: Angus Earl
(Bonnie and Darrell String)

NAME: Angus Earl of Havre de Grace

OWNER: Bonnie and Darrell String


HOW THEY MET: We visited a Bel Air golden retriever breeder. All of the puppies were carried upstairs in a laundry basket.

AGE: 2

HOME: Havre de Grace

BREED: Golden Retriever

BEST TRICK: Angus turns on the TV by pushing the power button with his nose.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Bounding into snowbanks to retrieve his Kong zinger toy and finding remote controls or telephones.

FAVORITE FOOD: Angus loves grilled salmon skin with delectable bits of juicy salmon clinging to the skin.

FUNNIEST MOMENT: When Angus hears a dog barking on TV, he runs behind the TV to investigate.

COUCH PET-ATO: Angus loves sitting on the couch between his favorite people getting petted by two people.

IF ANGUS HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: Couches are for dogs — not pillows. I vow to chew any pillows infringing upon my space.

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