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Collared today: Abbigail and Bridgett

The Baltimore Sun

Names: Abbigail and Bridgett

Owner: The Joslin family

How They met: We found Bridgett at the Humane Society. Her owner died and the family did not want her and they had turned her over to the shelter. At the time we had another dog that died and Bridgett became depressed. We researched Potomac Pekes and discovered Abbigail who was rescued from a puppy mill. We brought home Abbigail, the white one, in May of 2010 and Abby and Bridge are now inseparable.

Ages: Approximately 8 years old

Home: Ellicott City

Breed: Pekingese

Best Trick: Bridgett can sit and beg on her hind legs. Abby snuggles.

Favorite Activity: Chasing balls

Favorite food: Chicken

Funniest Moment: Hopping through the deep snow

Everyone loves them: Anyone who sees them think they are the cutest things they have ever seen and they eat it up!

If Abbigail and Bridgett had a motto for life it would be: If I have a ball I'm in heaven.

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