Cathey Foelber's son, Bennett, spotted a kitten in the road on a rainy drive to his job near BWI Marshall Airport last August. He stopped his truck and got out, but he couldn't find the little cat. After a few minutes, he continued on his 30-mile commute, worked all day, and returned home that night. "He pulled into our driveway, got out of the truck and heard meowing," says Foelber. There in the wheel well of his Ford Ranger was the kitten from that morning. "That cute little kitten stayed there all day." Just 5 weeks old, the kitten was immediately taken into the family and christened Ranger, after the truck that housed him all day. Today, he has soft fur like a rabbit and likes hanging out under kitchen chairs, where he can reach out with a paw to tap passing family members. He also likes playing with Sophie, the other family cat, and tilting his head up for neck scratches from his owners. And he gets along well with the family's yellow Lab, Chase. "He's very lovable and purrs as soon as you touch him," says Foelber. "He loves to chase bugs that get into the house, jumping straight up into the air and grabbing them. He eats dry and canned cat food and loves pieces of chicken as a treat." Ranger, after his traumatic start, certainly landed well. "He's become a treasured member of our family," says Foelber. "We're so lucky he chose us!" To have your pet -- including hamsters, snakes, horses, guinea pigs and the like -- considered for Collared, email information to sun.unleashed@gmail.com. --Kim Fernandez
Christopher T. Assaf, Baltimore Sun photo
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