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Baltimore Humane Society opening pet-food bank

Baltimore Humane Society opens food bank for pets

The Baltimore Humane Society is opening a new food bank for people who need assistance with the cost of feeding their pets.

The idea came from two shelter employees -- cattery manager Claudia Lescalleette and animal care technician Krystal Bopst -- after they saw many people coming to the shelter seeking food for their animals

MaxAir Heating & Air Conditioning donated a shed for the new Bmore Kind Pet Food Bank so the shelter would have somewhere to store the food. It also donated a new HVAC system in the Baltimore Humane Society Spay, Neuter, & Vaccine Clinic.
"To help pet owners who may not be able to purchase food for their pet because of hard times was a no brainer," MaxAir owner Tracey Shipman said in a statement. "We are happy to help so that people don’t have to give their family pet up for adoption."

The shelter, which gets no government funds, is accepting dry and canned food as well as monetary donations for the food bank. Anyone in need of food for their pets or who would like to make a donation can call 410-833-8848 or go to

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