Fido all but forgotten among popular pet names

What's in a name? According to the records of Veterinary Pet Insurance, Inc. (VPI), quite a lot, and the top dog and cat names for 2012 reveal some interesting tidbits about pet owners.

VPI recently sorted their database of more than 485,000 pet names by popularity. The biggest trend they saw was that the top five cat and dog names were also top on Babycenter.com's list of 100 most popular baby names of the year. At the same time, traditional dog names -- think Fido or Fuffy -- trended toward the bottom of the list or slid off completely.

VPI spokesman Curtis Steinhoff says he thinks the name trends are "testament of the bigger trend of pet owners viewing their pets as members of the family."

I suspect residual fur on our couches and beds could also testify to that.

Without further ado, the top names for dogs are:
1. Bella
2. Bailey
3. Max
4. Lucy
5. Molly
6. Buddy
7. Daisy
8. Maggie
9. Charlie
10. Sophie

For cats:
1. Bella
2. Max
3. Chloe
4. Oliver
5. Lucy
6. Smokey
7. Shadow
8. Tiger
9. Charlie
10. Tigger

And for birds and exotic pets:
1. Charlie
2. Buddy
3. Bella
4. Max
5. Angel
6. Baby
7. Coco
8. Rocky
9. Bandit
10. Sunny

On the flip side are the top 10 most unusual names, which can be seen at wackypetnames.com.

The Labragator's real name -- Molly -- was a tribute to our chocolate lab, Mocha, whose name was Molly when we adopted her. I'd love to hear where your pet's name came from -- please comment below.