Craft of the Month: Mommy and Me Canvas Art

Do you need a pop of color in your house? Are your kids craving the chance to get their hands dirty? Problem solved. This project brings out the inner Picasso in your child while ultimately giving you an impressive piece of family art to proudly hang on your wall.


paintbrushes (or hands) of various sizes and shapes
craft paint
painter’s tape or washi tape


1 Paint the entire canvas with a solid base color (example shown uses white). This will make touch-up work a breeze at the end of the project.

2 Once the base layer has dried, tape down a design with painter’s tape. If you’re working with a smaller canvas, washi tape provides a smaller width. I went with a herringbone design — the funky cousin to the oh-so-popular chevron. You could also use chipboard letters or stickers to spell out a favorite saying or your child’s name.

3 Ask your child to cover the entire canvas, including the tape, with paint. This technique will assure you a crisp design that will pop when the tape is removed. To avoid muddled colors allow for dry time between colors.

4 Go paint crazy! If you know what room you want to hang your finished product in, provide a pleasing palette of colors for your child to work with. If you’re letting your little one finger paint, make sure you’re using nontoxic paint. Play around with various brush sizes and strokes.

5 Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape.

6 Using a thin brush, touch up any spots where the colored paint may have bled through.

Meet our new craft columnist

Meghan Leimenstoll is a stay-at-home mom to a beautifully wobbly 1-year-old. She grew up in Ellicott City and returned four years ago to plant roots with her husband and not-so-well-behaved dog, Frank. Her professional background is in media planning and advertising, but her passion lies in creative crafting and DIY projects.

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