On one of Frederick County's many walking tours, you can visit Frederick's first courthouse, City Hall, constructed in 1862.
On one of Frederick County's many walking tours, you can visit Frederick's first courthouse, City Hall, constructed in 1862. (Photo courtesy of The Tourism Council of Frederick County)

Location: The central region of Frederick County. Mount Airy is to the east, Middletown is to the west and Emmitsburg lies to the north.

Average property listing price: Frederick properties run $227,443 for attached homes and $304,304 for detached homes sold in April 2014, according to Drew Mackintosh of Mackintosh, Inc. Realtors.


Population: The U.S. Census Bureau estimates a 2013 population of 66,893 for the city of Frederick.

The history: The city of Frederick was founded in 1745 by German settlers and later became a stop on the path for the Pennsylvania Dutch as they migrated west and south. During the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War, Frederick became a crossroads for soldiers and the wounded.

Downtown Frederick's 50-block historic district offers more than 100 unique stores.

When roads were constructed connecting the city to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Frederick saw an increase in surrounding communities and establishments, including St. Mary's College (now Mount St. Mary's University) and the Women's College of Frederick (now Hood College).

In 1935, Camp David was built just 20 miles north of Frederick in Thurmont. Since then, it's been used by every president in office as a country retreat and a place to host international leaders.

What's there: The picturesque 40-block historic district in Frederick offers a walkable slew of boutiques, art galleries, bars and eateries."Frederick has rejuvenated its appeal in recent years," says Mackintosh. "The city as a whole has created a warm and inviting atmosphere for tourists and residents."

Frederick County's Green Homes Challenge encourages homeowners to save energy and keep environmentally friendly practices in mind while at home. Participants track their progress through an online to-do list while working toward a goal and earning points, which qualify them to be recognized as certified green homes and win annual prizes.

Why Frederick: Shey Detterline moved back to Frederick with her Chicago-bred husband in July 2009 after growing up here. "I love the D.C. area, but when we started looking, we just kept coming back to Frederick," she says. Detterline, who owns Shey Marin Photography in Frederick, cites the city's family-friendly appeal.

Detterline and her husband have two children, and she says she's pleased with the variety of outdoor activities and neighborhood involvement when it comes to kids. "If we ever need anything, everyone's willing to lend a hand. It's been amazing with the local community."