Local living: Home decor made by Marylanders

Local living: Home decor made by Marylanders

Letta Moore, owner of Knits, Soy & Metal, shows off her scented candles.

(Kenneth K. Lam / Baltimore Sun)

Give your space an extra local pop with decor made by Marylanders.

Vegan candles


Letta Moore, 39, walked away from her marketing job in the corporate world 15 years ago to be her own boss and to create. “I was disenchanted,” the Baltimore native says. Moore decided to open Knits, Soy & Metal to specialize in selling items that she excelled in making. Her soy candles — $9 for four ounces and $18 for 12 ounces— are simply scrumptious. They come in more than 40 scents with such popular options as “Tomato,” “East African Amber,” “Ocean City” and “Berger Cookie.” $9 for 12 ounce “Lady Day” and $9 for “Lemon Verbena” at Knits, Soy & Metal, 229 W. Read St., Mount Vernon; 443-278-3956;

Cool coasters

Drink your next beverage in style with a fun, funky coaster from JessMessin’ Studios by 33-year-old Mount Vernon-based artist Jess! Pfohl. The self-taught artist, who was born and raised in Baltimore, has operated pop-up shops throughout the years. Her work is being sold at a number of local home decor stores, including South Moon Under and, soon, Bed Bath and Beyond. $3.50 for single coasters with stand at

Bookends from Baltimore antique store, Paradiso.
Bookends from Baltimore antique store, Paradiso. (Jay Reed / Baltimore Sun)


Ed Kidera, a Maryland-based engineer turned artisan makes what he calls “functional art to last forever.” He takes things like cylinders, gears and other old mechanical pieces and turns them into everything from furniture to wine racks. These industrial bookends have a unique shape that will stand up with your favorite books. $150 each at and at Paradiso, 1015 W 36th St, Hampden; 410-243-1317;

Steel basket

Rob Glebe is part of Art at Chestertown, a collective of artists based in the Eastern Shore town. Glebe has been selling his work professionally since 2006, primarily focusing on metal vessels such as this impressive steel basket. $595 at, at Paradiso and at

Horse sculpture

David Paul Bacharach, a Cockeysville-based artist known for his hand-sculpted metal compositions, was a Mary Sawyer Baker Award winner in 2014. His work has been showcased throughout the country, including at The White House. And while he also makes lovely quilts and urns, animal sculptures like this one are particularly striking. $5,000 at

Horse sculpture by David Bacharach at
Horse sculpture by David Bacharach at (Handout)