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Looking Out: Facebook adds inclusive gender options to profiles

The Baltimore Sun

Digital gender identity just became a lot less binary.

Internet behemoth Facebook has added a customizable option to the gender field on its profiles, allowing users to identify beyond male and female.

When editing their basic information, users are given the option to select "Custom" if they choose not to identify as male and female. A text box appears that allows users to type in options including trans, androgynous, intersex, genderqueer and more-specific denoters like "trans female" or "cis female." (According to the Associated Press, which first reported the news, Facebook has provided about 50 options in total.) Users can also choose a preferred pronoun ("him," "her", of the neutral option "them")

Facebook also appears to be conscious of avoiding awkward outings or uncomfortable discussions with distant cousins who seem to have opinions on everything. Users can customize privacy settings on those custom gender options, allowing them to choose to whom they wish to disclose their gender identities. The AP also reports the social network will not post changes to gender identity as a "life event" on its user's timelines. Phew.

The move is a huge step forward for transgender people and others who don't conform to traditional gender identities. Having control over their digital selves is often a tricky issue for trans or gender-variant individuals, who are forced to select labels that don't accurately represent them. Facebook's change will allow people to fully express themselves to friends, and it represents the kind of inclusivity with the potential to help breed greater acceptance.

(And yes, I opened with a computer joke. Might not have been a great bit, but I'm sticking with it.)

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