Giuliana Rancic in "a really good place" two years after diagnosis

Two years after Giuliana Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer, the E! News anchor says she has "come to a really good place where it doesn't take over my life everyday."

Rancic, who grew up in Bethesda and was scheduled to visit Maryland Live! Casino last week in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, told that she was not as "sad or rattled" about the diagnosis now and was focused on "empowering other women" to seek testing and treatment.

The television star discovered she had breast cancer while undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments two years ago. Since then, she and husband Bill Rancic have welcomed a son born to a surrogate mother.

Rancic, who had a double mastectomy and still gets regular testing to be check to make sure the cancer hasn't returned, described herself as a "very simple person" who happens to work in a "superficial industry."

"I didn't care what I would look like," during treatment, the 39-year-old said. "I just wanted to get the cancer out and get on with my life."

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