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Kate Spade's suicide sparked by husband seeking divorce: report

Kate Spade’s faltering marriage plunged her into an emotional tailspin in the days before she committed suicide, sources said Wednesday.

The famed designer fell apart after her husband of 24 years moved out of their Park Ave. apartment, cop sources told the Daily News.

Andy Spade reportedly told Kate he wanted a divorce. After her death, Andy Spade revealed to investigators that his wife had been “drinking a lot,” according to TMZ.

Spade, 55, considered one of the world’s most famous designers and known for her signature sleek handbags, died Tuesday after hanging herself with a scarf in her bedroom.

She left a note telling her 13-year-old daughter that her death was not the teen’s fault. She also instructed her daughter to seek answers from her father.

A police source said “troubles at home” fueled Spade’s decision to take her own life. Her old sister told the Daily News that Spade had battled depression for years.

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