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Hilary Phelps, John-John Williams at NY Fashion Week: Rebecca Minkoff

Lifestyles expert Hilary Phelps and Sun fashion reporter John-John Williams IV give their take from New York Fashion Week.

We love her bags. And we love the celebs who carry her bags, but Rebecca Minkoff's spring collection fell way short Friday evening at Lincoln Center.

Hilary: She opened with a gorgeous, flowy jumpsuit that would be perfect for late spring or early summer. And I did like the pink tweed blazer with hints of lime green. I also liked her black envelope studded bag. I felt there wasn't a lot of length to her collection. Either the shorts were super short or a T-length dress. Nary a maxi dress in sight.

She also showed patterns, but no mixing of patterns like we saw in many of the collections last year. And there were hints of Moroccan blue and poppy red, which WWD forecasted as two of the top colors for spring.

I didn't like that many of the pieces were unstructured. Nor was I crazy about the unhooked overalls of the 1980s. There was a lot of white in the collection -- it was the anchor color. And the denim appeared more cloth-like than denim.

Overall, I thought she opened with some really strong pieces, but felt it kind of trailed off as we got deeper into the show. 

John-John: Like the song choices for her runway show, Rebecca Minkoff's spring collection was all over the place. Punk, rap, folk, and some unrecognizable songs. This collection was dreadful.

It started strong with several of the pieces -- I loved the pink blazer as well -- but the overalls that accompanied pants and skirts were completely unacceptable. And what was going on with those bandannas covering the models' hair?

These looks were way too casual for the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Minkoff's use of patterns didn't work for me.

I was also shocked at how sloppy Minkoff's jackets looked. It appeared that the pieces were not fitted to the models before the show. Thank goodness Minkoff has a number of celebrities to help promote her brand. Because this collection as a whole won't. 


Hilary Phelps is a lifestyles analyst and the creative director of Genuine Joy. Reach her on Twitter and Facebook. John-John Williams IV is the fashion reporter for The Sun. Reach him on Twitter. Get more Fashion Week updates from them here.

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